Who is Tirso Llaneta?

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Who is Tirso Llaneta?


Who is Tirso Llaneta?

Tirso is one of the first original artists to join MAZE Studio and since then has been an essential part of the Team. He currently is one of our main pencillers and you got to believe me when I say this, this guy, if not with us, is going to make it big! (hopefully with us!)

With Tirso's talent and unique ability to pencil and ink anything from concept design, to illustrations to sequentials, he is a force to be reckoned! 

Tirso is working in MAZE Studio on all our Comic and Things that we forget series and he will be taking over as the main penciller in our "Singularity" Comic Series!

You can see all of Tirso's work at MAZE here!


Tell us about yourself

I currently reside in the Philippines and got my first job at a local comic publication company. I Started as a comic artist in 1993 and then I switched to animation. As an animator, I worked as a layout artist on many animation series and movies including Little Mermaid/Ariel’s Beginning (Disney movie) and Curious George (series and movie). In 2012 I switched to becoming a full-time comic artist and started in creating sketch cards, illustrations and sequential for businesses, individuals and publishing companies


Why do you work on comics?

I work on comics as it is my original passion and dream to become a world-renowned artist. Comics is my life! And I want my legacy to be known as a comic creator that inspires others!

What is the best piece of advice you have been given?

“Do not be satisfied on your art now, working in comics is a never-ending study"

Styles are always changing from what is trending to what publishers are looking for. And as concepts and people change, as a comic artist, one must need to be versatile. Studying and getting better is a must for every artist that hopes to achieve new levels of mastery

Who are your biggest influences?

My biggest influences in comics art are Jim Lee, Lee Weeks, Olivier Coipel, Greg Land, Stuart Immonen and Jerome Opena and many more. Whenever I see their works, I am always awed and want to draw like that someday. 

What mediums do you use to make art? 

Just pencils, colored and black mechanical pencil (2B),pentel brush if needed to be inked. 

What inspires you? 

My heroes in comics and my Family. 

What are things that you like? 

Things that I like are coffee and rock music while drawing, If I don’t have my coffee, I cannot draw! Also when my mind is overwhelmed, I usually like to play my guitar or go for long drives 


You can check of all Tirso's work at MAZE! Check it out here


By Walid Issa

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