I am a Mistake T-Shirt

I am a Mistake T-Shirt

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Represent your love for the Mistakes with this t-shirt!


    Humanity is already made up of heroes. Strength. Intelligence. Compassion. Determination. These are the traits of the best of us. We can already do so much for our world. But just imagine how much more we could do if a benevolent alien race gifted the best of us with super powers beyond our wildest dreams. What wonders would we behold?

    Well, we will never know. Because the aliens didn't give super powers to noble souls. They gave them to these guys instead.

    Enter the Mistakes. A young team of stupid, self-absorbed, petty friends who suddenly find themselves bestowed with great powers. Unfortunately, they have absolutely no sense of great responsibility. The most you could say about them is that they are trying to be heroes. Sort of. One thing is for sure. They are not succeeding.

    These flawed characters might not be the superheroes humanity would envision. But, perhaps, they are the superheroes we deserve.


    Produced by MAZE Comics

    Writing by Thane Benson

    Art by Dan Borgonos