Face Your Dragons- 16x24 Giclée Art Print(Stollery)

Face Your Dragons- 16x24 Giclée Art Print(Stollery)

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With every purchase of these stunning pieces, 50% of all sales will be donated to the Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation, making a positive impact and supporting a great cause. Join the movement and help us make a difference, while also adding beauty to your art collection.

"Face Your Dragons" is a powerful and thought-provoking limited edition art piece that depicts a young person standing strong and facing a dragon that emerges from the shadows. This image represents the idea of confronting our fears and dragons in life, and serves as a reminder to embrace challenges and overcome obstacles. The artwork inspires us to be brave, to face our dragons head-on and to never give up in the pursuit of growth and self-improvement.

Artists: Tirso Llaneta (Pencils) and Omi Remalante (Colors)