The Mistakes is NOW ON WEBTOON!!

The Mistakes

The Mistakes is NOW ON WEBTOON!!


The Mistakes is NOW ON WEBTOON!!

We have officially launched on Webtoon! Every Monday until November 9th we will release parts of the first comic in the Webtoon formatting for Free! 
Every Monday we will release a new episode for FREE!
We are excited to add this format to one of the ways we share our comic book series as we believe that this is one of the best platforms to reach millions of people. 

But do not fret print fans, we will also be releasing the full comic book in a physical format. 

We will be releasing new episodes every Monday! 

We hope you will  continue to join us on our journey. Because the journey is only truly worth it with you guys along for the ride. 

So please, show us some love and check out the first episode of The Mistakes for FREE on WEBTOON by clicking HERE

-Walid and the MAZE Studio Team

Download the WEBTOON app on your app store, and read “The Mistakes” in it's fancy new format! And I promise… you will love what you see. Not just with us….but with everything on WEBTOON!
By Walid Issa