Sometimes it’s just not good enough

The Mistakes

Sometimes it’s just not good enough


Sometimes it’s just not good enough


Not everything you do the first time will be the best...

And that is okay.

Well let me let you on a little secret.

We at MAZE believe that everything we publish has to be absolutely THE BEST!

And that means taking fully completed pages and scrapping them and starting all over.

So today I wanted to share a comic page from our upcoming comic series “The Mistakes”.

And I got super excited to share this with you as soon as Dan just sent in the inks of the revised page.

And this is only page 4 of our revisions process. We have half the book that we are adjusting to deliver the best story and art possible!

But you are probably thinking…

  • Why would you do this if you have already completed the comic book?
  • Does it cost you more to do rework?
  • Is it even logical?
  • WTH Walid?!

Well, honestly, this comic is our first self published comic.

And I think it has to be the absolute best version that we put out there.

Even if that means starting ALL OVER!

Now we won't be redoing the whole comic, but we are creating revisions that I think will add to the experience of our comic book. 

Check out how we originally started creating Page 4 of The Mistakes!

Coming soon! Comment below and tell us what you think.


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By Walid Issa